‘The Golden Girls’ Pop-Up Restaurant Coming to LA in July

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Soon, you can bicker about which Golden Girl best embodies a member of your friend group in a locale that evokes the beloved sitcom: The Golden Girls Kitchen — a themed and fully functional pop-up bar and restaurant — is coming to Los Angeles in July.

Billed as an immersive experience and homage to the fan-favorite series, the Beverly Hills-located restaurant will have a casual flair reminiscent of 1980s Miami. Tickets will ensure a reserved seat and dine-in time, choice of entree and dessert (yes, there will be cheesecake). Choose from menu items like Sophia’s Lasagna (available in vegan and meat options), Blanche’s Georgia Style Cookies and The Dorothy: A Miami Style Sandwich. For drink options, there are the Tea Arthur and Rose on Rosé. Additionally, people can purchase à la carte items, which will also be available for local delivery.

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The pop-up — which hails from director of experiences at Bucket Listers Derek Berry, who spearheaded previous show-themed eateries like “90210’s” The Peach Pit and “Saved by the Bell’s” Saved by the Max — will also feature iconic set recreations, like the lanai and kitchen table, where restaurant goers can snap photos. New merchandise will be available for purchase, and fans can expect a host of programming, including panels and collaborations with local chefs.

“Bringing Golden Girls to life has always been a dream of mine” Berry said. “Our team is confident that both die hard fans of the show and first timers alike will leave with a deeper appreciation for the show’s lasting legacy. We couldn’t be more excited to launch The Golden Girls Kitchen!”

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Ticket sales will be announced soon, though eager attendees can already join a waiting list.

The 11-time Emmy-winning series “The Golden Girls” follows four disparate divorcees living together in a retirement home in Miami called The Shady Pines: the mature Dorothy (Bea Arthur), often spaced-out Rose (Betty White), carefree Blanche (Rue McClanahan) and Dorothy’s wisecracking mother Sophia (Estelle Getty). While they often clash to hilarious ends, their friendship always endures.

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