Golden Gate Bridge 'Whistles' as Record Rainfall Hits Bay Area

A melodic whistling sound resonated from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge as an atmospheric river swept over California on Sunday, October 24, bringing record rainfall to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Up to 16.55 inches of rainfall was measured across the region as of Monday, according to the NWS.

Footage by San Francisco resident Dr. Anne Cummings shows the iconic landmark producing the sound at about 9am.

Golden Gate Bridge District spokesman Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz said last year that the woodwind-like singing effect was caused by a handrail replacement on the bridge’s west side.

“The slats on the new hand rail are much thinner than the old hand rail which means that air can flow more freely across the bridge,” he said. Credit: Anne Cummings via Storyful

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