Golden Gate Bridge heard 'singing' over San Francisco Bay after redesign

Eerie or peaceful? Bay Area residents have been left perplexed after hearing a strange ringing noise emanating from the Golden Gate Bridge.

The ominous noise can be heard in this impressive clip from Friday (June 5).

According to city officials phenomenon, which can be heard from miles away, is caused by wind blowing through the newly-installed handrail replacements.

The new project on the 83-year-old bridge is designed to make it more aerodynamic.

@Shirin_Jnk posted the clip to Twitter with the caption: "As much as I would've loved this eerie sound to be aliens coming for us, apparently it’s the installation of new wind resistance railing that has turned the Golden Gate Bridge into a huge instrument that can be heard all around the Bay! Hypnotizing!"

The filmer, Shirin Jafari told Newsflare: "My family and I went for a walk around Golden Gate Bridge during sunset, and we were one of the first people hearing this mediation-music-like sound.

"At first, we thought the sound is coming from someone playing an instrument beautifully and paying tribute to the BLM movement which was happening at the same time. However, as we walked closer and closer, we were not able to identify any source for the sound. We even believed that the sound might come from Golden Gate's speakers as if someone is intentionally playing music, but I walked up to the first bridge column and there was no source of sound there either.

"If I was to describe the sound, I would say it's as if meditation music or instruments like a pan flute or singing bowl are being played on surround sound around the Bay! We can even still hear it from our house and we are three miles from the GG Bridge. I found the sound peaceful, harmonic, beautiful, and hypnotizing, adding a new character to the bridge itself.

"I just graduated with a Masters's degree in Tourism Administration and I travel pretty frequently. I have been to more than 25 countries but I have never seen or heard anything like this phenomenon."

Find Shirin on Instagram here: @shirin_jnk