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This Gold Bond superstar helps 'smooth out aging skin' — and it's on sale for $12

It's a fact of life: As time goes by, your skin will gain laxity and start to wrinkle. Yes, aging is a privilege, but aging skin doesn't have to be part of the pleasure. A healthy, hydrated lifestyle combined with the right products that bring anti-aging action can be a recipe for getting older gracefully. There's an Amazon superstar — Gold Bond Age Renew Crepe Corrector Body Lotion — that has all the ingredients you need to fix crinkly, crepey skin, and it's on sale for just $12.

This powerhouse formulation contains seven moisturizers, three vitamins, omega fatty acids, antioxidants and botanicals that go to town on thin, dry skin, infusing it with moisture that lasts a full 24 hours. Your skin's elasticity should begin to improve in two weeks with daily use.
$12 at Amazon

Women of a certain age swear by this crepe-correcting lotion, with one writing, "I'm 70 years old, so flappy, lumpy and crepey skin under the upper arms is to be expected. I have not worn anything sleeveless in three years. I decided to give this a try only because I like Gold Bond Foot Cream, but I didn't think it would really work. Much to my surprise, after three days of using it three times a day, the lumps and crepey skin are gone!!! This is truly an amazing product!"

Gold Bond Age Renew Crepe Corrector Body Lotion not only has more than 15,000 glowing reviews from Amazon shoppers, it's also been voted the 2022 Product of the Year in the skin-care category of a 40,000-person consumer survey. This stuff does what it promises to do, which is firm up loose skin, diminish crepes and fine lines and hydrate the heck out of your hands, arms, stomach, thighs — basically any part of your body that needs TLC the most.

Two Gold Bond Age Renew Crepe Corrector lotion containers
Gold Bond Age Renew Crepe Corrector body lotion smooths out the crinkles and restores hydrated suppleness day after day. (Photo: Amazon)

Just take it from this five-star fan, who wrote, "If I could give 10 stars I would. I cannot believe the difference in only one week...I have a collagen disorder that makes my skin very thin and prone to crepe, stretching and cuts, and after only one week my skin feels thicker and I’ve had no mysterious cuts/openings. The crepey skin on my 53-year-old stomach and arms is GONE. Do not hesitate to buy this miracle product!"

They weren't the only shopper to call this Gold Bond formulation "a miracle," especially given the fact that it's only $12. "This product really works, and at a reasonable price," said this customer. "I had looked at Crepe Erase, but it was too expensive for me to even try it, but Gold Bond for crepe works! And it stays working all day."

Another wrote, "This product delivers! I had wrinkles on my neck before this using this lotion. But my 54-year-old neck looks smooth and hydrated," then posted a photo to show off her results. This shopper reported "amazing results...This lotion really does smooth out aging skin only legs and arms. It's like magic!"

When it comes to trusting a skin-care product that makes big promises, we evaluate based on three main things: ingredients, reviews and brand name. And this Gold Bond crepe-correcting lotion has all of the above in spades. Incorporate this one into your skin-care routine for a fraction of the price of its competitors and see why this star is rising up the ranks.

Lumps and bumps? Shoppers are seeing serious results with this affordable cream.
$12 at Amazon

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