Obese monkey Godzilla losing weight at ‘fat camp’ on diet of dill and crickets

In Thailand, Godzilla the morbidly obese monkey is shedding the pounds in 'fat camp' on a strict diet of dill, lettuce and live crickets. The primate weighed 19kg but has lost almost 2kg since being checked into the wildlife centre in Chachoengsao, central Thailand, on March 26. He has been on a diet of live crickets – which he chases around his pen – along with dill, lettuce, bird worms, carrots, peanuts, long beans and sunflower seeds. Godzilla now tips the scales at 17.2kg and staff are hopeful that he can regain his fitness with a regime of daily walks, to get his weight down to 10kg before being released into the wild. However, officers said that the ‘spoiled’ monkey is still aggressive and has attacked visitors. He is also possessive of the teddy bears and toys in his new enclosure. Navee Changpirom, forest chief at Thailand’s Department of National Parks, said: "Godzilla’s weight still exceeds the normal standards of most common macaque monkeys, which is no more than 10 kg." "He also has behavioural problems, because he has too many toys from his previous owner. He is very possessive of them, guarding them like treasure and not allowing anyone to easily take them. If anyone tries to pick them up, he will grab them back immediately." "Godzilla loves to eat dill, followed by lettuce. He also likes crickets and bird worms, which are rich in protein." Video emerged last month of the three-year-old podgy primate chained up at a market in Bangkok, Thailand, where he had been living for more than two years while being fed by passing shoppers. Footage sparked fears for the monkey’s health due to his resemblance to the late ‘Uncle Fatty’ who died in 2019 after being ‘killed with kindness’ by all the snacks humans gave him. Wildlife officials visited the market in the Min Buri district of the Thai capital on March 25 and Godzilla was carried away in a cage. Wildlife chief Navee Changpirom said: "We received a report from someone who was concerned about the health of the monkey." "Our investigation then found the owner. He said that he brought the monkey home and took great care of it like one of his family own members. He and his family fed the monkey so well that it became fat. Sometimes marketgoers would find the monkey cute and would also feed it. The monkey became a favourite attraction at the market." Godzilla’s former owner Manop Emsan said the monkey’s parents were killed by a car when he was a baby and a previous owner had abandoned him. He kept the monkey as a pet – illegal under the country’s wildlife laws – and let him snack all day while he ran his stall selling meatballs. Passing shoppers would also stop and feed the monkey fruit, nuts, sweets and sugary syrup drinks.