Godfrey Gao's family holds low-key memorial service

16 Dec – After much uproar surrounding his death, Godfrey Gao's memorial service was recently held in a private manner.

As reported on Mingpao, the ceremony, which was held at the Taipei First Funeral Parlour on 15 December, was a low-key Buddhist affair attended mainly by family members, as well as close friends like Christine Fan and husband Blackie Chen, model-actor Vivian Dawson, and Godfrey's girlfriend Bella Su.

The cremation also took about more than an hour, before Godfrey's brothers returned for the ashes and proceeded to Jin Bao Shan cemetery.

On the other hand, Bella, of whom Godfrey reportedly planned to proposed to prior to his death, was also spotted wearing the actor's ring on her thumb, which many speculated to be her way to express her love and devotion towards Godfrey in life and death.

Godfrey Gao passed away in late November after collapsing on the set of the Chinese reality show, "Chase Me". He was 35.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)