God of War Ragnarök Is Coming To Steam

Screenshot: Santa Monica Studio / Kotaku
Screenshot: Santa Monica Studio / Kotaku

During today’s State of Play presentation, Sony announced another of its first-party games is coming to PC. God of War Ragnarök and its excellent (free) DLC Valhalla will be available on Steam later this year.

This means Kratos’ full Norse mythology saga is available on PC, as the 2018 reboot launched on the platform back in 2022. Sony’s PC ports have been inconsistent in quality. God of War was great, but The Last of Us Part I struggled when it launched in 2023. Hopefully the God of War series keeps its winning streak on the PC port front. Ragnarök’s PC version will include unlocked frame rates and super ultrawide support if that’s your jam. Look for the game to drop on Steam on September 19.

Check out the PC trailer below:

Ragnarök was well-received when it launched on PlayStation in 2022, but I’ll admit I was disappointed with the sequel initially. It has some pacing issues and is needlessly long, but developer Santa Monica Studio seemed eager to wrap things up in one game, rather than making the new series a trilogy. The Valhalla DLC, meanwhile, is a triumph. It repurposes the base game’s action combat into a roguelike, and it actually manages to use that format to great effect for Kratos’ character. It rules. Though you can play it at any time, it does take place after Ragnarök proper, so don’t skip to it.

We won’t spoil anything here, but Ragnarök and Valhalla do contain pretty big clues about where the series might go from here for Kratos and his son Atreus. What remains unclear, though, is if it will move on to a different pantheon of gods now that Kratos has wreaked havoc upon both Greek and Norse mythology.

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