Some God Of War Ragnarök Collector Editions Are Missing The Game

Freya holds a knife in God of War Ragnarok.
Freya holds a knife in God of War Ragnarok.

God Of War Ragnarök’s $200 Collector’s Edition comes in a gold embossed box, with a 16-inch replica of Norse god Thor’s Mjölnir hammer, a set of engraved dwarven dice, downloadable cosmetics, and more. That “and more” ideally will suck out some of the sting if you, like other buyers have reported, open up your $200 box and realize that not only is there no steelbook display case, but there’s no game code, either.

The steelbook case, digital code combo was already annoying without this apparent manufacturing blunder. When the Ragnarök collector’s edition was announced earlier this summer, with custom items and downloadable content but no physical game to plop inside of the very expensive steelbook case, Ian Walker wrote for Kotaku that “it seems the gaming industry is becoming increasingly hostile to the concept of ownership, which can be worrisome as older online storefronts are phased out.”

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So you pay a premium for physical, for the $200 cases and the $70 games, but you still might not get what you wanted. It appears that most Collector’s Edition errors involve both a missing steelbook case and game code, but one Reddit user, who has since created the Twitter account @HelpUsSMS dedicated solely to seeking rectification and compiling examples of similar errors, received two codes for the same in-game cosmetics instead of one cosmetic code and one game code. And thus far, the lack of perceived urgency in Sony’s efforts to resolve these issues is only leading to more frustration.

“Were you able to get this resolved?” another user asked them.

“In 5-7 days apparently,” they responded.

Other people report similar waiting times and difficulty in commanding Sony’s immediate attention.

“It’s unfortunate that Sony has pretty much gutted their online support. @AskPlayStation no longer responds, and there’s no email either,” HelpUsSMS told me over Twitter. “So we have to either wait on the phone, or wait for an online chat.” And if you’ve ever bought anything before, you know how long that can take. Sony did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication.

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