'God Is a Superhero': Young Preacher Leads Her Sisters in Passionate Home Sermon

An aspiring pastor from Eight Mile, Alabama, delivered a rousing sermon in front of her sisters in her home on April 24.

Four-year-old Grace Love spoke eloquently and passionately as her mother recorded footage and her sisters, five-year-old Amazin and two-year-old Mercy, applauded enthusiastically.

Harmony Love, the children’s mother, told Storyful, “We wanted to bring drive-in church to people who were unable to make it.”

Love added, “We wanted to bring hope, joy, and love to our nation during this pandemic.”

The video is not the only evidence of Grace’s penchant for preaching. A recent video on her mother’s Facebook page shows the young Alabama resident captivated by a pastor delivering a sermon as worshipers watched on from their cars (see here). Credit: Harmony Love via Storyful