Goat in Party Hat Digs Into Birthday Lollipop

Miniature goat MaDolly enjoyed a sugary treat courtesy of her owner, Britney, for her first birthday on January 2.

In video posted to the Goat Life YouTube channel, which is dedicated to documenting Britney’s goats’ adventures, MaDolly is dressed in a jaunty party hat and enthusiastically gnaws at a large lollipop held by her owner.

“She didn’t get to finish it, though. She just got a taste and then moved on to the rest of her treats and fresh birthday hay!” noted Britney in the caption.

In addition to MaDolly, Britney also owns three other miniature goats: Boonie, Perri Drew, and Moona Ruth. The goats all live on Britney’s Tennessee farm. Credit: Goat Life via Storyful