GM digs in with LG to find Bolt battery fire fix

General Motors is taking a more direct role with electric vehicle partner LG in a bid to fix problems linked to battery fires in Chevrolet Bolts.

At an investor conference last week, GM said engineers were working to "clean up the manufacturing process" at LG battery plants.

Factories in South Korea and Michigan operated by LG Energy Solution have been identified by GM as the source of defects.

They led to a series of battery-related fires in the Bolt that have triggered three recalls.

And $1.8 billion in warranty set-asides by GM since last November.

LGES and sister company LG Electronics have reiterated their "close relationship" with GM.

The battery issues impact more than 140,000 Bolts - the entire production run since late 2016.

GM has said early Bolt models will have their entire battery pack replaced.

While newer models will have only defective modules within the pack replaced.

In the meantime, Bolt owners and prospective EV buyers have unleashed a torrent of complaints and concerns on social media aimed at both GM and LG.

It is unclear how much permanent damage either company may sustain from the battery fires.

With the two firms thought to be discussing costs.

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