'Glory to the Ukrainian Armed Forces' as troops enter Kherson

STORY: Video obtained by Reuters and released on Friday showed people cheering and celebrating Ukrainian soldiers in Kherson's Freedom Square. Two men lifted a female soldier on their shoulders and tossed her into the air. Some residents wrapped themselves in Ukrainian flags. One man was weeping with joy.

Further video also obtained by Reuters and released on Friday (November 11) showed a man waving the Ukrainian flag in front of people gathered at Freedom Square in Kherson. People looked on, cheered and chanted ‘Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!’, ‘Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!’ the video showed.

Reuters was able to confirm the location of the video from the buildings which match file and satellite photography of the area. Reuters was not able to confirm the date the video was filmed.

Ukraine's defense intelligence agency said on Friday that Ukrainian units were entering the southern city of Kherson and told any Russian troops still there to surrender.