'Global Greening': Irish Flag Planted in Snowy Northern Norway to Mark St Patrick's Day

A postbox at the summit of Øretoppen Mountain in Norway became the most northern ‘global greening’ site to mark St Patrick’s Day this year, according to Tourism Ireland.

The Irish embassy in Norway said Harald Sunde carried out the act 250 miles (400 km) inside the Arctic Circle. This footage, filmed by journalist Thomas Nilsen, shows Sunde venturing up the mountain, before planting an Irish flag in the snow. After covering the postbox in green fabric, he posts a letter in it.

The embassy told Storyful that Sunde “is a Norwegian doctor who trained in Ireland and currently lives in the town of Kirkenes, Norway, approximately 400 km north of the Arctic Circle.”

Tourism Ireland said on March 2: “Global Greening aims to bring positivity to the 70+ million people around the world with links to the island of Ireland.” Credit: Thomas Nilsen via Storyful