"Glitter" van brings beauty services to West Bank women

This beauty minivan whizzes around the West Bank

Location: Nablus

It reaches women who struggle to reach salons

due to restrictions or delays at military checkpoints

(SOUNDBITE) (ARABIC) YASMEEN SALON OWNER, YASMEEN MOHAMAD, SAYING:"We had some challenges with brides arriving, the bride's companions, and those who have a special event, are sometimes not able to reach the salon easily, or those who are short on time, so we came up with the idea of helping them by providing them with our services without losing a single minute from their day."

Its owners hope to expand their fleet in the future

(SOUNDBITE) (ARABIC) YASMEEN SALON OWNER, YASMEEN MOHAMAD, SAYING:"Anything needed for events, like make-up and hairdos, is what we currently provide, but hopefully we aspire in the future to provide wider services, and it's possible that there will be many Glitters not just one Glitter."

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