‘Glitch in the matrix’: Netflix viewers question connection between new series 1899 and Dark

Netflix’s newest mystery series 1899 has already stumped viewers with its eight-episode premiere season, as many have found it to be reminiscent of the thriller show, Dark.

Released on 17 November, 1899 is the latest to come from German filmmakers and real-life couple Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, following their first TV project, Dark, which ran for three seasons.

Warning, potential spoilers to follow

1899 follows a steamship, carrying immigrants from London to New York, whose passengers become entangled in a mysterious riddle after they discover a second vessel adrift at sea.

With similar fixings to bo Odar and Friese’s previous programme, which included an intricate puzzle of characters uniquely intertwined, viewers are convinced the two shows are somehow connected.

“Okay so Dark started with a missing kid and 1899 started with a kid being found,” one user wrote on Twitter, alongside the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia conspiracy meme.

“Are #darknetflix and #1899Netflix connected?” a second questioned, with a third suggesting: “What if it’s all a glitch in the matrix?”

Another quoted a line from 1899: “What is lost will be found”, while someone responded: “Sounds like a tip from Dark.

Although there hasn’t been any direct evidence to confirm this theory, 1899’s inclusion of time travel brings to mind the time machine created in Dark.

However, in an earlier interview with The Hollywood Reporter, bo Odar denied any connection between the shows, saying: “One bad idea we’ve definitely said is not going to happen is that 1899 is related to Dark.

“We get that question a lot. So for all the fans out there: sorry, there won’t be any characters from Dark suddenly appearing on the ship.”

1899 is available to stream on Netflix.