Glen Powell's parents have always been this extra

Glen Powell in a blue jacket
Glen Powell and his family are high-energy, to put it mildly.Dia Dipasupil/Getty
  • Glen Powell's parents went viral after they trolled him on a red carpet.

  • But the "Hit Man" star's family has always been extremely visible and hilariously over-the-top.

  • Here's what to know about Powell's mom, dad, and two sisters.

Glen Powell is arguably one of the biggest movie stars working today.

The actor is known for films like the beloved Netflix comedy "Set It Up," the rom-com reviving mega-hit "Anyone but You," and "Top Gun: Maverick." Powell is also set to have a major summer at the box office, starring in both Richard Linklater's "Hit Man" (which the actor also cowrote) and "Twisters," the long-anticipated sequel to 1996's "Twister."

But his family is keeping him humble.

Powell walked the red carpet ahead of a special screening of "Hit Man" on Wednesday at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, where he was also being inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame.

Cut to: His parents, Cyndy and Glen Sr., crashing the red carpet and trolling him with big cardboard signs.

"STOP TRYING TO MAKE GLEN POWELL HAPPEN," his mom's sign reads, while his dad holds one reading, "IT'S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN" to her left.

Glen Powell and his parents attend the premiere of Netflix's "Hit Man" his induction into The Texas Film Hall of Fame The Paramount Theatre on May 15, 2024 in Austin, Texas
Powell's parents are master trolls.Nicola Gell/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

Powell clearly wasn't irked (just look at his face) and had a great sense of humor about the prank — probably because he's used to it.

"Well, my family — always my mom and my dad — are known for kind of trolling me a bit," he told Entertainment Tonight. Powell added that the signs were inspired by internet critics who've suggested that Powell is becoming oversaturated.

"I don't read tweets but my parents read tweets — so if you're talking sh-t, know that my parents are reading those tweets," he joked.

Powell's parents — and his entire family — have been extremely visible alongside the actor since his breakout role as Chad Radwell in the 2015 Ryan Murphy show "Scream Queens."

"Even though they troll me, they support me in every way," Powell told ET.

Here's a short history of the Powell family's goofiness.

Powell's parents married in 1984 and have 3 kids

Glen Sr. and Cyndy married in November 1984, according to an anniversary post Cyndy shared on Instagram.

They welcomed their first daughter, Powell's older sister Lauren Powell Whatton, two years later. Glen was born in 1988 and has a younger sister, Leslie, born in 1992. She's a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles.

According to People, Glen Sr. worked as an executive coach while Cyndy was a stay-at-home mom. They raised their kids in Austin.

Powell's family often cameos in his movies

The actor's mom and dad aren't just supportive of his career — they're hands-on too. Powell told "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon in December that his parents "have had a cameo in basically every single movie I've done at this point."

In 2016, Powell told Interview Magazine that Cyndy played an adult spy in "Spy Kids 3" (in which a then 14-year-old Powell played "Long-fingered Boy"), a professor in the short-lived WB series "Jack & Bobby," and "Marge the lunch lady" in his first collaboration with Linklater, "Everybody Wants Some!!"

Powell said they all appeared as a pioneer family in "Into the West" and joked that they've "been getting a lot of work off me."

Powell's mom and younger sister, Leslie, also cameoed in the 2016 film "Hidden Figures." They even accompanied him to awards ceremonies where the movie was nominated, like the 2017 SAG Awards, where they goofed off on the red carpet once again.

Powell and his family recreated 'Elf' scenes

As part of the elaborate press tour for "Anyone but You" last year, Powell enlisted his family to re-create scenes from "Elf."

And yes, that involved running around New York City wearing the same costumes Will Ferrell's character did in the 2003 film.

The Instagram video of the stunt posted on the actor's account ends with a riff on the moment when Buddy the Elf sees the Rockefeller Christmas tree for the first time, except it's Powell and his family looking up at an "Anyone but You" billboard.

Powell's family promoted 'Hit Man' when he couldn't

In October 2023, when the SAG-AFTRA strike was ongoing and actors were barred from promoting their films, Powell's parents and younger sister Leslie stepped in to assist.

And by "assist," I mean "accompanied director Richard Linklater on the red carpet at the New York Film Festival premiere holding up little photo cutouts of Powell's face."

Director Richard Linklater (R) poses with Glen Powell's family as they hold photo cutout boards of him in his absence due to the SAG-AFTRA strike
I can't tell how Richard Linklater feels about this.Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for FLC

Powell is a proud uncle and spends time with his sister's twins

Through his older sister Lauren, Powell is an uncle to Witt and Gwen, who have walked red carpets with him and even visited him on movie sets.

In 2023, Lauren shared photos of the family visiting Powell in Australia while he was filming "Anyone but You" with Sydney Sweeney. They also visited the Taronga Zoo.

Indeed, the entire Powell extended family is Extremely Online, and I love that for them.

But when he's not on film sets or red carpets, Powell says he's kicking back and relaxing with his family.

"As much as possible I try to get back to the ranch to kick it with my family. I have a huge, rowdy, Texas crew who gets me in all the right kinds of trouble," Powell told Nylon in a 2014 interview. "If you are lucky enough to meet them, you'll figure out quickly why I'm constantly home and that all of my farfetched and seemingly impossible stories about my family are actually all true."

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