Glen Powell Says He Was Hit In The Face At An ‘Expendables 3’ Party By A Bouncer

Glen Powell is looking back on a humbling experience he had early in his Hollywood career before skyrocketing to fame.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor recalled how things took a turn for the worse as he was celebrating one of his first major roles, in 2014’s “The Expendables 3.”

The “Anyone but You” star claimed he was kicked out of the VIP section of a party at the Cannes Film Festival when a bouncer failed to realize he actually starred in the action movie.

Powell played the highly trained hacker Thorn in the adventure flick alongside a roster of action icons.

“I did this movie ‘Expendables 3’ — it’s like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Jason Statham,” he recalled. “Somehow I’m the random guy that snuck in. So I’m like the only unknown person in a cast of legends.”

Powell said that, despite celebrating the film together with the cast and having his face on “all these character banners” for the movie at Cannes, a bouncer at the after-party didn’t recognize him.

“I got kicked out of the VIP section of the ‘Expendables 3’ party,” Powell told THR. “It actually got kind of physical. There was a large bouncer that was convinced that I shouldn’t be in the VIP section, so it kind of turned into a physical altercation where I got hit in the face at the ‘Expendables 3’ party ’cause no one recognized me even though there was a banner in the party of my face.”

He then teased, “Just because you’ve got a banner doesn’t mean you’re getting in the party.”

Powell has since skyrocketed to fame after appearing in 2022’s “Top Gun: Maverick” and 2023’s hit rom-com “Anyone but You” alongside Sydney Sweeney.

Watch Powell’s full interview below.