Will Glastonbury be held in 2025 and 2026? Worthy Farm tipped to take a year off soon

 (Leon Neal/Getty Images)
(Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis has confirmed that the festival is due for a year off to help the land at Worthy Farm recover.

The sprawling Somerset location, which operates as a dairy farm throughout the rest of the year, welcomes hundreds of thousands of festival lovers to its fields each year.

First held in 1970, Glastonbury Festival has become one of the UK’s most famous festivals and a rite of passage for many music lovers across the country.

Spreading over 1000 acres and boasting over 62 stages in 2023, Worthy Farm’s natural landscapes tend to be impacted due to the number of revellers. Every few years, the Eavis family holds a “fallow year”, during which they take a break from the festival and give the land a break from visitors.

So, when is Glastonbury next happening, and when is the next year off?


When is Glastonbury Festival’s next break?

Glastonbury Festival usually takes a year off every five years. However, the event was also postponed in 2020 and 2021 during Covid.

Speaking to the BBC’s Sidetracked podcast, Ms Eavis suggested that 2026 was likely to be the next fallow year.

In the podcast, she explained that fallow years were an important part of the festival cycle and it also encouraged everyone to switch off. She said: “We are due a fallow year. The fallow year is important because it gives the land a rest, and it gives the cows a chance to stay out for longer and reclaim their land.

“I think it’s important, I think it gives everybody time to just switch off and the public as well. Then you kind of go away for a bit and it feels lovely when you come back. And I think it’s quite good not to be seen to be cashing in.”

Ms Eavis, the daughter of Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis, also maintained that she had some ideas for the 2025 headliners but has yet to make any official announcements.

Glastonbury Festival (PA)
Glastonbury Festival (PA)

When is Glastonbury 2024?

For many, Glastonbury has become a summertime ritual, and this year is no different. Taking place between June 26 and June 30, many revellers are already preparing their camping gear and festival outfits ahead of the event.

Dua Lipa, Coldplay, SZA, and Shania Twain are headlining the Pyramid Stage, and almost a hundred other artists will perform on various stages and arenas later this month.

Glastonbury is also famed for its arts, cultural events, and creative corners, which make it so much more than just a music festival.

This year, Glastonbury is also unveiling a new area called Terminal 1 that’s been marketed as “a re-purposed airport celebrating migration, situated on Williams Green”.

In what appears to be a tongue-in-cheek nod to UK immigration controversies, the advert says: “To gain entry, all British citizens must successfully answer a question from the UKGOV citizenship test.”

When is Glastonbury 2025?

Glastonbury Festival always takes place during the last weekend of June.

While there’s no official information about the 2025 festival, we can expect the dates to be around June 25 - 29.

Information about next year’s festival will likely be revealed shortly after the 2024 event comes to a close.

According to the Mirror, rumours are already swirling that the organisers are trying to land Eminem for next year’s line-up.