These glasses translate speech into sign language

"Hi, my name is Omar."

These glasses can translate voices into sign language

to facilitate two-way communication

between those who cannot hear and those who do not know sign language

Courtesy: Omar Abdelsalam

This camera picks up speech

and uses artificial intelligence to translate the words in real time

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) ENGINEERING STUDENT, OMAR ABDELSALAM, SAYING:"The idea is for a hearing impaired person to wear them and when someone speaks to them, they can press a button (gesturing to the side of his face) which then translates people's voices to sign language, which appears on a screen in front of the eye. But even though this screen is very close to the eyes, the user will see the image at a distance of over 50 cm from the eye so it does not affect eyesight. It uses augmented reality. Secondly when the user uses sign language, through sensors, the glasses will be able to translate this into speech allowing the other person to hear what they are saying. If the user wants to read something, all the user has to do is push on another button and through sensors the glasses can translate the text into sign language."

(SOUNDBITE) (Sign Language/Arabic) HEARING IMPAIRED EGYPTIAN, ABDO AL-ZANATY, SAYING:"The glasses are great and I'm very happy with them because I believe that they can help us and allow us to communicate with a lot of people.