Glass Onion viewers applaud Rian Johnson for Daniel Craig’s ‘powerful’ movie line

One particular line from director Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has left viewers in deep rumination.

Johnson’s recently released Knives Out sequel once again follows Daniel Craig’s Detective Benoit Blanc, this time as he’s invited to tech billionaire Miles Bron’s (Ed Norton) private Greek island, along with seven of Bron’s other close friends.

When one of them turns up dead, Detective Blanc is tapped in to solve the case.

Warning, potential spoilers to follow

Early on in the movie, while the eclectic group recounts to Detective Blanc how they all became connected, Janelle Monáe’s character jumps in to argue that “the real thing this group has in common” is their desperation to “hold on” to Bron’s “golden titties”.

After she walks away in anger, Kate Hudson’s Birdie Jay, former It-girl turned perpetual controversy magnet, quips: “Like Miles said, I’m a truth-teller. Some people can’t handle it.”

Blanc then delivers the “powerful” line: “It’s a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought for speaking the truth.”

Responding to the scene on Twitter, many viewers have lauded the line for being “legendary”.

“A few people burst into applause at this line during my screening last month,” one recalled.

“Will be thinking of this quote very often,” a second added, with someone sharing that they “had to commit this line to my memory”.

Even rapper Kid Cudi praised it as being “the realist s*** I’ve heard all year”.

“I want this tattooed on my forehead,” another wrote.

Others tagged conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, who recently left Knives Out fans howling with his latest Glass Onion diatribe.

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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is streaming on Netflix now.