Glacier covered in massive blanket to stop melting

This cloth sheet protects glaciers from melting

LOCATION: Helags glacier, Sweden

The experiment was performed on the Helags glacier

Researchers say the cloth saved at least 11.5ft in height from melting

(SOUNDBITE) (English) GLACIOLOGIST AND PROJECT LEADER, ERIK HUSS, SAYING:"It looks like this and it's porous on this side, and a bit more hardcore on this side. And it's about one-and-a-half to two centimetres thick, and contains of rough wool that is not needed for making clothes, and also cornstarch, and it's very strong and durable. And it hinders the sun, the UV radiation. And it also isolates from warm air. And the third thing is that it isolates from sublimation. You know, sometimes ice and snow can convert directly to gas, to water vapour, and it hinders that. So there's three processes that it hinders. So it's very efficient."

Global warming is causing glaciers to shrink all over the world

Huss and his friends hope to reproduce their test on a larger scale

and raise awareness about the dangers many societies will face

if the glaciers disappear

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