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Give your tired sweaters some pre-storage TLC with this cordless fabric shaver, on sale for $10

Winter is finally over, and it's time to make room in our closets for all those warm-weather dresses and tops. That means putting away the cozy sweaters we collected when it was cold. I've found an easy way to refresh my cardigans and pullovers so I can store them in good condition: the Conair Fabric Shaver, on sale for $10 at Amazon. This handy gadget removes excess fuzz, dangling threads and annoying pills in seconds, leaving my favorite knits looking brand new — and saving my future self the trouble. (You're welcome, future self!)

Breathe new life into your sweaters without breaking the bank. This handy device removes pills, fuzz and extra threads.

$10 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Getting as much wear out of one article of clothing is one of the best ways to make your dollar stretch a little further. When that item is a pricey cashmere or wool sweater, you'll want to wear it for multiple seasons — but not if it looks like it's seen better days. This little gadget can keep those knits pristine, and it doesn't go on sale often. We don't expect the price to drop this low again until next year.

Why do I need this?

This handheld device uses a rotating blade to remove unwanted pills without damaging the garment. The sharp blade is hidden behind a honeycomb mesh cover that protects your hands and fingers. Three settings move the blade to different distances away from the cover, so you can tackle various types of fabrics.

The shaving head is a roomy 2 inches wide, allowing you to de-pill large areas quickly. Plus, after the shaver works its magic, the excess fabric is caught inside a removable storage compartment, making cleanup a breeze. The compartment is see-through, so it's easy to know when to empty it.

This handy little fabric shaver isn't all about clothes, though. I've also used it to refresh my furnishings. It's compact, cordless and lightweight, making it easy to use on anything and everything imaginable, including couches, pillows and curtains.

fabric shaver next to person shaving sweater
Shoppers say this fabric shaver is a must-buy for fabrics that look like they've seen better days. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 87,000 Amazon shoppers have given the Conair Fabric Shaver their five-star seal of approval. "This product has actually changed my life," raved one. "I used it with every single piece of clothing that needs it and it completely refreshes all the clothes. I depilled/defuzzed my entire duvet cover and it's never been as soft as it is right now. I used it on a pillow I've had for years and it went from basically sandpaper to being softer than a brand new one.”

"Rejuvenated my much-loved jacket," wrote another. "After many years of use, my favorite light jacket was no longer decent. The round little lint balls were initially located in areas where backpack straps had rubbed but had spread to cover the entire surface. This tool made the jacket look brand new after just a few minutes of use.”

"The device's design is commendable, especially its ergonomic grip and detachable lint catcher, which makes the handling and cleaning process quite straightforward," said a thorough fan. "The adjustable three-setting depth control is a thoughtful feature, allowing a customized fabric shave and catering to different fabric types, which adds a layer of versatility to its use. However, it's not without its quirks. The device is battery-operated, requiring two AA batteries, which is a double-edged sword. While the cordless nature provides excellent portability and ease of use ... the reliance on batteries can be a bit of a setback." (There is a rechargeable version — but, of course, it comes at a premium.)

An adjustable blade means you can care for different types of fabric without causing any damage.

$10 at Amazon

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