‘The Girls on the Bus’ Canceled After One Season at Max

“The Girls on the Bus” is hitting the brakes at Max. The streamer announced Friday that the series has been canceled after just one season, which premiered in March.

Based on Amy Chozick’s book “Chasing Hillary,” the series followed four female journalists out on a fictional campaign trail, covering the race to become the Democratic nominee for president. Played by Carla Gugino, Melissa Benoist, Natasha Behnam and Christina Elmore, the women all came from different journalistic and political backgrounds but found friendship along the way.

“While Max will not be moving forward with a second season of ‘The Girls on the Bus,’ we are grateful to have partnered with immensely talented Amy Chozick, Julie Plec, Rina Mimoun, as well as the teams at Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television,” Max said in a statement.

“We are so proud of this powerful story of found family and the celebration of journalism, in all its forms,” it continued. “We thank them and our unrivaled cast for all their incredible work and collaboration.”

Season 1 didn’t end on a cliffhanger, but it did leave room for more story, had it been renewed. In the final episode, the women all work together to expose Hot White Guy (Scott Foley) for the snake that he actually is — one who’s quietly funded by and essentially a mouthpiece for a corrupt billionaire.

Because they treated him solely as “Hot White Guy” — he did have a name, but who can really remember it — and wrote him off ahead of the election, the character bided his time and slowly worked his way to becoming the frontrunner of his party. By the time the women pieced it all together, it was too late, and he had secured the nomination.

As confetti and balloons fell and his supporters celebrated, the women merely looked on, horrified that they missed it all. In the final moments, fans see Melissa Benoist’s Sade McCarthy apprehended by law enforcement, for having obtained files and info on the candidate in less-than-legal ways.

Fans will sadly never see the fictional outcome of that general election.

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