Our Girl includes emotional Elvis callback with saved voicemail for Georgie Lane

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Our Girl spoilers follow.

Our Girl's season four – Michelle Keegan's last – is now well under way, with episode two airing on Tuesday night (March 31).

We already knew that these new episodes were going to be particularly emotional for Georgie Lane, as it was revealed from the get-go that she would be revisiting the loss of her fiancé Elvis Hart, who was tragically killed in Afghanistan before they were able to finally make it down the aisle.

Their romance, while far from perfect (some might even argue toxic), had the backing of viewers, making his death a pretty controversial move for the show's writer.

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While the latter half of season three attempted to move on, even pairing Georgie with another fan-favourite character, things have now taken a few steps backwards in an attempt to give the Georgie/Elvis love story some closure.

Episode two has seen Georgie continuing on Section 2’s mission in Afghanistan. It is becoming even clearer that she is not only struggling to cope with returning to the place where she witnessed the love of her life die, but also being personally connected to the enemy that her team are working towards defeating. He, of course, was the same notorious warlord responsible for the explosion that killed Elvis.

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But away from the action scenes, viewers are also getting a glimpse at Georgie's private moments. She is experiencing nightmares again, and also flashbacks to her time with Elvis. And there was one revelation made in episode two that might leave viewers with some questions – the voicemail on Georgie's phone.

At the start of the episode she woke suddenly from a dream with Elvis, gasping for air. "That sounded like a bad one," fellow medic Mimi (Amy-Leigh Hickman) said. Georgie headed outside and, finding Fingers (Sean Ward) out there too, she distracted herself with a discussion about his honeymoon plans.

"You're so in love aren't you?" Georgie asked, to which he told her that his wife Marie (also Georgie's sister) was the best thing that had ever happened to him. After he went back inside to sleep, Georgie was left alone, clutching her engagement ring, in tears.

Then we saw her laying on her bed with her phone to her ear, but all we heard was the automated voice saying "end of saved message."

Later on in the episode, it was revealed to be Elvis' voice that she had been listening back to.

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While the audio was a little grainy, it sounded like his words said:

"There's moments of clarity, so that you understand everything. I'm being sincere here, I'm trying to tell you that I don't want a life without you in it."

It is unclear when this voice message was recorded, but it seems likely to have come at some point between season two and season three, when he was still trying to win her back.

By the end of the second series, Georgie had called off her wedding to Dr Jamie Cole after a highly-charged reunion with Elvis. She ultimately decided to stay single at that point though, choosing to throw herself into her work rather than concentrating on a relationship.

In the first half of season three we saw Georgie and Elvis working together on a tour once more, but she was still trying to move on from him. They finally reunited for good – with him proposing again – just before he was killed.

This emotional callback to earlier seasons is sure to have hit fans of the show right in the feels, and with next week's episode teaser seeing Georgie pushed to the limit, her grief looks yet to come to a head.

Our Girl continues next week (April 6) on BBC One, and the rest is available on BBC iPlayer.

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