Ginny and Georgia: Netflix users express disapproval with ‘outrageous’ Joe scene in season 2

Netflix users are not happy about an “outrageous” moment in the new season of Ginny and Georgia.

The series following 15-year-old Ginny (Antonia Gentry), and her relationship with her mother Georgia (Brianne Howey) after they move to a small town in New England, has returned for a second seaon following a successful run in February 2021.

However, viewers aren’t so sure about one particular storyline choice and have been highlighting the scene, which occurs at the end of episode five, on social media.

It features a kiss between two formerly disparate characters: Blue Farm Café owner Joe, played by Raymond Ablack, and Sabrina Grdevich’s character Cynthia.

Viewers aren’t happy for two reasons – firstly, because they were hoping Joe might have a romance with Georgia, and secondly, because they don’t feel these two characters have much chemistry.

Twitter user @EvaNadya9 surmised, “I guess they decided to put two broken hearts together but yeah... We all hate it,” while @tosinthat added: “Everyone hates it. There is no chemistry.”

@esecret333 said they thought they were “hallucinating” the scene “because literally what was this”.

Meanwhile, @rosefromsaturn wrote: “Joe and Cynthia hooking up??? sorry but they don’t fit AT ALL. no chemistry, nothing, nada.”

However, a small number of fans praised the writers for the storyline’s unpredictablity as well as its “cuteness”.

Upon its debut, Rolling Stone described the series “the new Gilmore Girls, dialled up to 11”.

Raymond Ablack as Joe in ‘Ginny and Georgia’ (Netflix)
Raymond Ablack as Joe in ‘Ginny and Georgia’ (Netflix)

Many fans are relieved the streaming service renewed the show following a string of shock – and premature – cancellations.

The series, which has been praised for its diversity, also stars Jennifer Robertson, the actor best known as Jocelyn Schitt in the beloved sitcom Schitt’s Creek.

Ginny and Georgia is available to stream on Netflix now.