Gillian Chung relates to the plight of Ruan Lingyu: Gossip can kill!

7 Nov– Hong Kong actress Gillian Chung really used her own experience in performing her role as Ruan Lingyu in a recent episode of the reality show, "Everybody Stand By".

As reported on Skypost, Gillian, who portrayed the 1930s actress who is known as much for her acting ability as for her decision to end her life at the young age of 24 in the redacted scene from 1991's autobiographical film, "Classic Stage", revealed her process of immersing herself in the role following the performance, saying that she could understand Ruan's position as a celebrity whose life was under media scrutiny.

"When I was at the lowest point in life, I wasn't able to face anybody at all. Gossip is truly a fearful thing," said the actress.

It is noted that Gillian herself was no stranger to bad press and gossip, having taken a break from showbiz back in late 2000s following Edison Chen's sex tape scandal. The scandal has also caused Gillian to be dropped from performing in the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony and was cut from Chen Kaige's film "Forever Enthralled" and Oliver Stone's "W.".

Gillian believes that it must have been worse for Ruan, especially since the society was even more conservative at the time.

"In 1935, [a gossip] is something that could kill a person," she added.

The actress also stated that she felt fortunate to be able to interpret the character.

"In the face of difficulties, she always pushes herself. When it comes to love, she persisted. She is soft yet strong and good hearted. Thank you to the director Chen Kaige for the guidance and [actor] Ming Dao for his help. I am very grateful," she added.

(Photo Source: U Lifestyle)