Gillian Chung gets better at Mandarin to quarrel with husband

7 Nov– Aside from being praised for her performance as Ruan Lingyu in the recent episode of the Chinese acting reality programme, "Everybody Stand By", Gillian Chung also received compliments for her remarkable progress in her Mandarin proficiency and pronunciation.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who spoke about her progress in honing the language, said that her previous grasp of Mandarin was very bad, especially during her collaboration with filmmaker Chen Kaige in the movie, "Forever Enthralled".

"When director Chen discussed the script, I acted like I understood him when I listened when in fact, I simply couldn't understand," she admitted.

However, Gillian said that her proficiency in Mandarin is much better nowadays, and it is all thanks to her Taiwanese husband, Michael Lai whom she married last year.

She added that she and her husband love to quarrel and that it was to her disadvantage when she can't win the arguments because they were speaking in two different languages.

"Because I am married to a man who speaks Mandarin, and he likes to quarrel with me, I am forced to learn it better. I can't win every time I quarrel, so I tried learning Mandarin," she said, inviting laughter from the audience.

(Photo Source: Gillian Chung Instagram)