Giggles erupt from delighted child as alpacas go crazy for salt

Johanita and her family are exploring an archaeological site in Ecuador, being led on a guided tour of ancient ruins. An unexpected bonus of this tour is that a herd of alpacas roams free on the enormous expanse of rolling hills. They have learned that some of the visitors have brought salt with them. The guides hand out salt which is given to the alpacas to supplement their diet. The alpacas flock around the guests to get their share. Johanita's family is experiencing this for the first time. They have struggled with Johanita's health as she battled a brain tumor that required numerous surgeries since she was diagnosed at 18 months of age. Johanita has spent a great deal of her life in hospital or recuperating at home. She is now enjoying a long stretch of good health and her family has been taking advantage of this to have more family time. Dave and Kristy are also visiting from Canada and this tour was the perfect opportunity for the two families to share an experience that none of them would forget. Johanita's brothers watched and laughed along with Johanita as her giggles lit up the faces of everybody around her.

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