Gigantic bull comically stuffs his face with hay

Gus is an enormous young bull, weighing in at well over 1,000kg (2,200lbs). He has a gigantic appetite and he eats almost constantly. He dwarfs the other cows in the paddock and he has an unbelievable amount of muscle in his shoulders and neck. One look at Gus tells you that he is all muscle and immense power. As he begins his lunch at the new hay bale, Gus nudges it and moves it like it's nothing for him, even though these bales weigh over 300kg (700lbs). The hay bale bounces and rolls slightly as he prods it with his big nose. He then pulls off layers and chews away, eager to get at it. Gus is as gentle as he is gigantic and his easygoing personality has allowed his owners and visitors to get close to him without any trouble. He's actually an affectionate bull and he enjoys a head scratch or pat on the nose along with a treat or tow. This is rare for bulls, as most are grumpy and territorial. Most bulls would not be approachable like Gus is, especially when there are females around, or when food is in the picture. Out of caution, even an apparent softie like Gus should never be trusted completely, as any bull can be unpredictable. Gus spends most of his day lounging in the meadow with his herd, watching over them protectively. In colder weather, he has a paddock and a barn for shelter, but he's a free range bull who has the freedom to roam over a vast expanse of pasture and lush, green grass. He cools off in one of his ponds on hot days and he spends time at the edge of his forest when he wants shade from the sunshine. He really is king of the land here on his farm. Life on this beautiful farm is close to ideal for a gentleman like Gus. Aside from wandering and eating, he enjoys hanging out with the ladies and scratching his huge shoulders on the trees. Gus also likes visitors who bring him bread or corn, and he can devour a whole loaf of bread in under a minute. Feeding Gus bread is like putting a bank card in an ATM. It simply disappears. Gus is an endearing and comical fellow who inspires laughter as well as awe. Standing beside him as he eats his hay is an experience in sound and sight. His hot breath can be felt as he burps and snorts, and the smacking of his lips is impossible to miss as he eats with enthusiasm. He is nearly 2m tall (6 feet) and the shoulder and when he stretches his neck up, his nose is 3m (9 feet) in the air. There are few, if any animals in North America that would be more immense than a bull like Gus.