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These Gifts Will Turn Your Grandma Into the Queen of All Grandmas

Looking for a gift for your grandma isn't always easy. If she's anything like mine, she's one fancy lady that doesn't take any BS. So, that cheesy coffee mug or that T-shirt that says World's #1 Grandmother ain't gonna cut it. That's why you better bring your A-game while shopping for her this upcoming Mother's Day. If you're not currently quarantined with her, you may want to send a gift her way to let her know how much you miss her.

And, I promise you can impress her without running up that credit card. In fact, there are quite a few unique gift ideas she'll love that are less than $100. Hello, fancy scarf and gorgeous cake stands!!!

There are more affordable gift ideas for you to pick from below—along with a few splurge-worthy finds too. Hey, Granny is totally worth it!