Giddy Goats Find Solar Panels Make the Perfect Playground at Florida Farm

A pair of giddy goats discovered a rather unusual playground for themselves when they were let out of their pen at a Florida farm.

Footage by Sara Michelle Weldon shows the cheeky duo, called Dixie and Lilly, running around and having a blast on top of some solar panels at her Clermont farm.

“It happened by accident, the girls normally live in a fenced area but we would let them out to walk the farm. They walked over to the solar panels and first one jumped up and then the other and they soon realized it was the perfect playground,” Weldon told Storyful.

She added that the goats do not damage the panels by playing on them, as they are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

“People always asked if they were ruining the panels and the answer is no, they are built to withstand hurricanes and massive hailstorms. In my opinion, it’s a win-win: the goats get out their energy and it provides so many with some much-needed happiness,” she said. Credit: Sara Michelle Weldon via Storyful

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