A giant wooden horse rides once a decade in Belgium

STORY: LOCATOR: Dendermonde, Belgium

This Belgian town trotted out

a larger-than-life folk ritual

Once a decade four kids ride this

giant wooden horse

Local police say this crowd

was in the tens of thousands

[Carolien Van Hecke, Director of the town's museums]

"There are twelve men who carry the horse. There are three teams of them, in total three times twelve. They change, because the horse with all the ornaments weighs 1,000 kilograms, so that's a lot. At certain moments the horse dances on the music of the band that is with it and and some moments it also greets (by staggering) certain people at certain places."

The tradition is rooted in stories

about a medieval warlord's horse

The 'Bayard steed' could change size

depending on its riders

This parade that celebrates the tale

is held every ten years

Its last appearance meant for 2020

was postponed twice

The parade is listed on UNESCO's

intangible cultural heritage list

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