Giant Ukrainian flag unfurled at EU Parliament

STORY: Organized by the Ukrainian embassy to the European Union and by civil society organizations, the action took place on the Solidarnosc esplanade, which was named after the union that defied Poland's Soviet-backed government in the 1970s.

A student at the London School of Economics, Ukrainian student Vlada Yaremenko said she found out about the event while on a tour of the EU parliamentary body, where she wants to intern.

Carrying a Ukrainian flag on her shoulder, Yaremenko, 27, said she and other participants took part in the action to send a reminder that "Ukrainians are a free nation' who should not be invaded by a "crazy person who's thinking that he should take over the world."

Also participating in the event, Natalia Sapun called for the EU to provide additional weapons to Kyiv.

Sapun, who has lived in Brussels for 10 years, came with her sister, who fled from Kyiv after the invasion.