Giant tortoises successfully moved to Galapagos island

STORY: These giant tortoises are

thriving on a Galapagos island

Location: Santa Fe Island, Ecudaor

since being moved there in 2015

to help ecological restoration


"An assessment carried out in 2011 showed that Santa Fe Island was lacking its main herbivore, the giant tortoises. That is why the National Park decided to repopulate Santa Fe with tortoises. After several years of this process, we can say that it is being carried out successfully, and ecological processes such as seed dispersal are being re-established."

More than 700 tortoises were

moved to the island

Early monitoring results show that

99% of them are in good health

The Galapagos Islands served as the

basis for scientist Charles Darwin’s

theory of evolution in the 19th century

Approximately 60,000 giant

tortoises currently roam the islands

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