Giant Snake Interrupts Couple’s Wedding, Woman Carries It Out by the Tail So Ceremony Can Resume

Several people praised the woman in the video for her courage and speculated about what kind of snake could have interrupted the wedding

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a snake


A stock image of a snake

A surprise guest slithered onto the guest list of one Arizona wedding.

A woman named Sandra Leos shared a TikTok of a surprising sight mid-way through a wedding she attended — a guest, who she later identified as her sister, relocating a large snake that snuck into the wedding venue.

In the video, the woman wearing a copper gown and beige cowboy boots can be seen holding the lengthy brown snake in her hand as she moves it down the stairs by its tail and toward a forest area outside the venue.

Several guests can be seen celebrating the wedding behind her on a patio and standing near a ceremony area with white wedding chairs as they watch her carry out the dangerous task. Over the video, Leos wrote, “Weddings in Arizona."

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The video posted earlier this week went viral, garnering over one million views, over 37,000 likes and over 2,000 comments, including several from TikTok users who joked about the special situation.

One person joked in the comments, “The snake is like… Hey I was invited! I’m the +1!,” to which Leos responded, “Right! He was like, I heard there’s an open bar lol.”

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Others in the comments speculated about what kind of snake attended the ceremony. One person noted that the snake could be a “gopher snake,” as it “looks like a rattlesnake” but “isn’t poisonous” and “likes to be around people.”

Another shared that he thought it was a “king snake” as it had “no venom.”

In response to one commenter asking to see “a video of her catching it,” Leos posted a follow-up video showing her little sister picking up the snake off the ground as it slithered across a staircase. It appeared that it took a few tries for the woman to completely pick up the animal as it kept slithering out of her hold.

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Several people in the comments praised her for her courage, including one commenter who said, “She was ready with her cowboy boots.” Another noted that the woman was "just a queen, doing queen things."

The City of Scottsdale, Arizona’s official website advised that people who come across snakes in the wild — or at wedding events — should avoid killing or capturing the snake themselves and instead call the Phoenix or Arizona Herpetological Associations to help relocate the snakes.

The official website noted that the state “is home to a wide variety of snakes” and that the reptiles can be avoided by eliminating rodents, installing gates and keeping walkways clear of brush.

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