Giant panda gives birth to twin cubs at Tokyo's zoo

This giant panda has given birth to twin cubs

Courtesy: Tokyo Zoological Park Society

Arrow pointing: Shin Shin

Location: Tokyo, Japan

It's the first time twin pandas were born at Ueno Zoo

Pandas are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity

as the females go into heat only once a year and can be picky about partners


"It is said that in most cases, when twins are born, only one will grow up. In order to raise both of them, we need to have one panda always be held by Shin Shin. We will have them take turns to nurse while the other one will be in an incubator. Once one panda finishes nursing, we will place that one in the incubator, and let the one who hasn't nursed yet be together with Shin Shin. We need to watch the feeding times for the pandas and perform this work around the clock for a few months. I believe this is the most difficult part."

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