Giant king cobra rescued from wall of a hen's coop on South Indian farm

A huge, and deadly, king cobra was rescued from the wall of a South Indian farmer's hen house on 27 August 2021. The nerve-wracking rescue happened in Kuttampuzha in Ernakulam district of Kerala state. Paul Rajavempala is a farmer who also rears chickens. On entering his chicken coop to recover some birds he was panicked to see a big, black King Cobra. He immediately informed local forest officials, who rushed the spot. But on seeing the rescue team the reptile hid itself inside the wall of the coop, forcing them to dig into the wall in order to catch its tail and pull it firmly out. Eventually, one of the forest staff caught its head carefully and the animal was put in a sack to be released deep into the forest later. "It was so big and heavy, I got scared and started trembling on seeing this black monster" said the house owner Mr Rajavempala.

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