Giant 17ft long python terrifies market-goers in Thailand

A giant 17ft-long python terrified shoppers after it slithered through a food market in Thailand. The snake emerged from a drain and slithered through the stalls where fresh meat was being sold at Kam Nun Yong market in Ratchaburi province on April 23. A stall owner first noticed the reptile as she was sorting her products in front of the table and immediately warned the market-goers to be careful. The reptile then darted back into the drain to hide. The snake sighting sparked panic among the people inside the market until the vendors were able to call the animal rescuers for help who arrived to catch the animal. The stall owner said: ‘I noticed something was moving under the drain. I thought it was a rat but was confused about how big it was then I realised it was a snake.’ When the rescuers arrived, they went to the drainpipe where the snake was last seen and found it hiding underneath. The animal was big but it was not aggressive so the team was able to capture it easily using a pole with a hook at the end. It was estimated to weigh at least 50kg and was placed inside a sack before being taken by the rescuers with them to release back into the wild.