Ghosts’ Richie Moriarty Teases Pete’s New Love Interest in Season 3 Finale

It was an eventful episode for Ghosts’ Pete last week, which revealed that the former travel agent’s power lets him leave the Woodstone premises. And this Thursday’s Season 3 finale (airing at 8:30/7:30c on CBS) finds Pete taking advantage of his special ability to visit his daughter and grandson as they vacation in St. Lucia. But it’s not just a family reunion that awaits the troop leader.

“We get to see a whole new side of Pete in this finale in terms of his personal relationships. Pete has a new love interest in the finale,” his portrayer Richie Moriarty reveals to TVLine.

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Now that Pete can venture from his familiar stomping grounds, “all of a sudden, the dating pool has grown enormously from just the ghosts [at] Woodstone to the ghosts anywhere. It’s exciting,” Moriarty enthuses.

Enter Upload scene-stealer Allegra Edwards, who plays a ghost with whom Pete connects during his trip to the Caribbean. A dead ringer for Pete’s celebrity crush Loni Anderson, Donna died in the ’80s, when on vacation she was hit by a very heavy eighties cell phone that someone accidentally dropped out a window, per the official character description.

As Pete finds someone new who’s interested in him, too, he’s able to get closure on his relationship with his former wife Carol (who reappears in the finale) and might even “potentially” move on from his crush on Alberta, Moriarty says.

“What he’s doing, I think, is, for the first time, really exploring not only what this new ghost power will mean for future relationships, but what he wants in a potential new relationship,” Moriarty previews. “He’s finally been able to put things to bed with Carol — no pun intended — but he’s been able to kind of give that the finality that it needed and really confront her about the betrayal when they were alive. And now that he’s been able to address that, personally, with her, he’s able to kind of move on, and I think we’re going to see a big new chapter tease for him in this finale, and it’s going to mean a lot of exciting new possibilities moving forward.”

However, as Moriarty told us last week, although the world seems wide open to Pete right now, he will discover in the season ender that there is “a limitation on the power so that it can’t be used constantly.”

Ghosts fans, are you excited for Pete to get a new lady love? Hit the comments!

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