Is New Ghosts Lingo Too Ribald? Who Was MIA at Curb Trial? Does S.W.A.T. Retirement Track? Would Abbott’s Barbara Know ChatGPT? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Ghosts, Ripley, S.W.A.T. and Law & Order: Organized Crime!

1 | In the finale of Netflix’s Ripley, would Inspector Ravini, who’d been shown to be very observant and savvy to this point, really not recognize Tom as the person he spoke to at length as Dickie Greenleaf, even with Tom’s ridiculous wig and the dim lighting?

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2 | Yes, we know how much S.W.A.T.‘s Luca loves driving Black Betty and being out in the field (and we know Kenny Johnson was among this final season’s demoted series regulars), but realistically, wouldn’t he have been happy to run oversight from HQ instead of completely retiring?

3 | How hard did you facepalm when Fire Country‘s Cara lurched forward to catch the keys, un-impaling herself? And, what, inmate Bode happened to have handy an all-black wardrobe (including a natty black lightweight coat) to wear to Cara’s funeral?

4 | Was the director of TBS’ Final Four coverage simply being practical when they decided to slowly crop out Tracy Wolfson as she interviewed Purdue’s 7-foot-4 Zach Edey?

5 | On Curb Your Enthusiasm, who else were you hoping to see return for Larry’s trial? Wanda Sykes? Jon Hamm? Chris Williams as Krazy-Eyez Killa? Vivica A. Fox as Larry’s ex (and Leon’s sister) Loretta?

6 | Is returning mentor Tori Kelly quietly making a case for herself as Katy Perry’s replacement on American Idol next season?

7 | Did The Young and the Restless take inspiration for Ashley’s blindingly white psyche from Absolutely Fabulous‘ minimalist couple, Bettina and Max?

8 | In this week’s Deal or No Deal Island, were you Team Stephanie or Team Alyssa? And now that the latter has been eliminated, would you want to see her pop up on another show like Survivor or The Traitors?

9 | Watching Monday’s NCISVerse: The First 1,000 special, were you starting to think they wouldn’t show a single clip of either NCIS: LA‘s Linda Hunt/Hetty or Miguel Ferrer/Granger?

10 | Wouldn’t Heart’s Tonight Show performance of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” — which was filmed on the roof of 30 Rock during Monday’s solar eclipse (clever!) — have been that much more enjoyable had Jimmy Fallon not inserted himself into the performance/turned it into a bit?

11 | How old did it make you feel to learn that Kat Dennings will play a mother to teenaged children (!!) in Tim Allen’s ABC comedy pilot?

12 | Did you scan Disney+’s Beach Boys documentary trailer twice to make sure that John Stamos was not, in fact, featured?

13 | On Will Trent, are you expecting Uncle Antonio’s anti-cop pals to return and cause an even bigger issue for the titular GBI agent?

14 | If The Rookie (as showrunner Alexi Hawley told us) has no plans to write in Jenna Dewan’s pregnancy, is it their intention to be ironic, by having Bailey and John try for a baby?

15 | On The Good Doctor, if St. Bonaventure was severely understaffed at the onset of a mass casualty event, wouldn’t they have closed their ER to trauma and had more serious patients diverted to another hospital? And how did the late Dr. Asher Wolke manage to get a screen grab from the Season 5 episode “Potluck,” of him and Dr. Park shirtless and singing along to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” to make that mug? ▼ (We revisited the tape, and neither Morgan nor Jerome took a photo of their boyfriends as they tripped on that hallucinogenic casserole.)

16 | How are we feeling about The Cleaning Lady‘s Jeremy (played by Brandon Jay McLaren)? Do we trust him?

17 | We know The Conners can’t show photos of Roseanne, but wasn’t it odd how they avoided showing a photo of Darlene and Becky’s late mom, then zoomed in on a photo of Shelley Winters’ Nana Mary?

18 | Is Ayanna quite simply the best (or the worst) addition to The Challenge: All Stars cast? And should the show have let Tina claim a star when she didn’t even have to compete for it?

19 | Survivor‘s Hunter stuck close by the Yanus for what was clearly a very difficult vote, but do you think he’ll join them for the long haul? And let’s hear your opinions of Ms. Venus. Love her? Loathe her? Does she stand any chance at all of winning?

20 | Is there even a tiny chance that Abbott Elementary‘s resident technophobe Barbara, who is famously bad with computers, would understand how to use ChatGPT to write email replies to Jacob?

21 | Did we not learn anything from the last time we tried rebooting Heroes and Melrose Place? (WED)

22 | Which of Devon Sawa’s four Chucky deaths has been the best/grossest?

23 | Given the CM Punk chants and generally negative response after AEW CEO Tony Khan aired the backstage footage of Punk’s altercation with Jungle Boy at All In London on this week’s AEW Dynamite, is it safe to say the decision to do so was a huge misstep?

24 | Parents: Has Law & Order: SVU ever been more realistic than when Noah brought up two of Olivia’s most complicated, trauma-inducing cases — both of which require long, heavy conversations — just as she was tucking him into bed for the night?

25 | On Young Sheldon, where was Mandy’s brother Connor (played in Season 6 by Joseph Apollonio) that he couldn’t make it to his own sister’s wedding?

26 | Is Ghosts‘ newest bit of terminology — to describe the process by which a poltergeist untethers itself from a person/object — frankly a bit too blue for the 8 o’clock hour sitcom?

27 | As reader Ryan pointed out, isn’t it funny that Grey’s Anatomy‘s Link suddenly understands not rushing to the next step with Jo when he certainly didn’t get that with Amelia? Wouldn’t Amelia and Maggie have had something to say about Meredith’s assertion to Nick that she’d been raising her and Derek’s kids alone for a long time? Finally, how wrong of it was Winston to diss his patient’s cuddle therapy in front of him, when it was clearly working?

28 | On Law & Order: Organized Crime, wasn’t Elliot’s dramatic unveiling of Joe’s heroin kit (what was that, a room service cover?) a needless bit of theatrics in an already charged moment?

29 | Knowing that this is the last season of Station 19, weren’t you, like, 100 times more worried that the show really was going to kill off Ben, Sullivan or both? Where the hell was this Theo through all of Season 6? And how lovely was Carina’s shout-out to her late brother? (R.I.P., DeLuca.)

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own!

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