Ghislaine Maxwell's Lawyer Says Defense Team Is Working to Appeal Guilty Verdict

Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense attorney announced they were already working on an appeal moments after she was convicted by a New York jury on December 29 on five charges relating to the sex trafficking of minors.

The jury deliberated for six days before reaching their verdict on Wednesday afternoon. Prosecutors welcomed the decision.

“A unanimous jury has found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of one of the worst crimes imaginable – facilitating and participating in the sexual abuse of children," said US Attorney Damian Williams, in a video statement released on social media. “The road to justice has been far too long. But today justice has been done."

This video by Ed Quinn shows Maxwell’s defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim telling reporters they are “very disappointed with the verdict” and have already started working on an appeal.

Defense attorneys Laura Menninger, Jeffrey Pagliuca, and Christian Everdell then leave the courthouse. The video then follows Menninger as she walks from the scene. Credit: Ed Quinn via Storyful

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