Ghazipur landfill hazardous, govt should take urgent action: Parliamentary Committee report

New Delhi [India], Mar 14 (ANI): A parliamentary committee has expressed concern over the rising mound of municipal waste at the Ghazipur landfill and recommended that the government should take steps to remove the garbage from the site soon.

The Standing Committee on Urban Development, headed by BJP MP Jagdambika Pal, in its latest report, expressed grave concern over the environmental impact of the landfill.

"The Ghazipur landfill has become hazardous. A mound of trash has been formed at the site after garbage was gathered from the capital for years. The committee had discussed the impact of the landfill on the environment and consulted the municipalities," Pal told ANI on Friday.

He said that the committee, in its report, has recommended removing the garbage from the landfill.

"The central government is doing well in smart cities and solid waste management. Take Indore and Surat for example. With proper waste management there, the Centre is recycling water and giving it back to the industries. Surat Municipal corporation is earning money due to this," Pal said.

"A picnic park has been made in Indore where a landfill was present earlier. If it can be done in Surat and Indore, it can be done in Delhi as well," he added.

The BJP MP also expressed confidence that actions will be taken on the committee's report.

"The Parliamentary Standing Committee has tabled the report in the Parliament," he said. (ANI)