'It's Getting Quite Serious Around Here': Store Shelves Bare as Wuhan Residents Stock Up on Essentials

Supermarket parking lots were packed and store shelves nearly bare as residents of Wuhan, China, stocked up on essentials on January 23 amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

The city has announced travel restrictions in an attempt to contain the deadly virus, according to reports, canceling airline, train, subway, ferry, and bus service in the city and canceled its Lunar New Year celebrations.

The local man who filmed these videos of a Wuhan supermarket told Storyful that he and his friend went to the store to stock up on essential goods and supplies. “As you can see there were stocks that were running out,” he said. “I decided to record a video and show a little glimpse of what’s going on here.”

Elsewhere in China, staff and patrons at a Beijing Starbucks joined the legions of those wearing face masks, as Chinese health authorities worked to contain the outbreak, which has killed 17 people and sickened more than 600 others. Authorities conducted active case finding in all provinces by checking temperatures in public places and installing infrared monitors at major transport hubs.

The virus has been reported in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and now the US. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful