Gervonta Davis arrives two hours late for Ryan Garcia press conference

Gervonta Davis arrived two hours late for a press conference with Ryan Garcia on Wednesday, before the opponents engaged in a tense face-off.

A fight between Davis and Garcia has been one of the most anticipated in boxing in recent years, and the Americans are finally set to clash on 22 April in Las Vegas.

The unbeaten lightweights came face to face for the first time on Wednesday (8 March), but only after Davis arrived one hour and 50 minutes after the press conference began.

Davis, 28, admitted it was “very unprofessional” of him, and said the reason for his tardiness was, “Just traffic, not prepared, things like that.”

Twenty-four-year-old Garcia, who began the conference without his opponent, said: “It’s only gonna kinda serve as a negative for the overall success of this event.

“It kind of shows him being unprofessional and kind of continues a pattern of his character and his integrity as a person and as a professional. That’s just how it is.”

Last month, Davis pleaded guilty to four counts related to a hit-and-run incident in November 2020, which left four people injured including a pregnant woman. The WBA lightweight champion is due for sentencing on 5 May.

In December, “Tank” was also jailed on a misdemeanour domestic violence charge of battery causing bodily harm. Davis pleaded not guilty after allegedly striking the mother of his 1-year-old daughter. The “closed-handed type slap”, as police described it, was said to have caused a small abrasion on the inside of the alleged victim’s upper lip. In an affidavit filed on 24 January, she asked the court to dismiss charges.

Hinting at Davis’ legal issues, Garcia said: “This is quite quick; we’re six weeks out and this is our first press conference. I feel like it’s rushed, just maybe a little bit of his personal issues.”

When asked whether he was referencing Davis’ legal matters, Garcia admitted: “I don’t want to come off cross, like speaking down on him, but the truth is: Yeah, that’s probably why.”

Davis and Garcia are due to partake in a second press conference on Thursday (9 March).

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