Germany's money-saving measures fight inflation

STORY: Europeans are enduring record high inflation, and it's forcing some authorities to take action.

On Wednesday (June 1), Germany introduced a new measure to help consumers get by.

Locals can now buy public transport tickets that cover travel across Germany for just nine euros, or a little under $10 a month.

"I think it's good because I'm telling myself now: Every week I'll travel somewhere and look at whatever things I want to."

Germany’s government has also lowered taxes on fuel to fight high prices.

Some petrol stations in Germany have already lowered their prices - to the delight of many customers.

But others were more sceptical about the tax relief actually reaching them.

"I haven't noticed anything until now. I filled my car last week with diesel for 1.92 Euro (2.05 Dollar) and today the diesel costs 1.97 Euro. So, it’s not really noticeable."

The measures are due to run for three months, until the end of August.

Inflation in Germany rose to 7.9% in May, largely due to supply chain issues caused by the health crisis and the conflict in Ukraine.

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