Germany to supply Ukraine with 80 tanks in 2024

German flag
German flag

Berlin plans to provide Ukraine with additional IRIS-T air defense systems and more than 80 Leopard-1A5 main battle tanks in 2024, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced on Jan. 24.

A message on the ministry’s website outlined the 2024 Ukraine military aid program as follows:

- IRIS-T air defense systems;

- Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns;

- Over 80 Leopard-1A5 main battle tanks;

- Additional artillery systems with more than 230,000 shells;

- Armored personnel carriers;

- Armored bridging vehicles;

- 450 reinforced vehicles;

- Demining systems;

- UAVs;

- Radars and reconnaissance systems.

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Additionally, this year the Bundeswehr plans to train 10,000 Ukrainian troops at its training ranges.

Germany had previously announced the supply of six Sea King Mk41 helicopters with spare parts starting from the second quarter of 2024 and preparations to Ukrainian train pilots by that time.

Pistorius highlighted air defense as the top priority for German military aid to Kyiv, adding that he is "shocked by the intensity of Russia's air strikes on Ukraine since the start of the year."

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