German regulator puts brake on Nord Stream 2

The Nord Stream 2 gas project has run into another delay in its efforts to get started.

It comes after Germany's energy regulator temporarily suspended the approval process for the politically sensitive pipeline on Tuesday (November 16).

The watchdog said the consortium behind Nord Stream needed to form a German subsidiary company under local law to gain an operating licence.

It would have to meet these preconditions for the assessment to continue.

The pipeline would bring Russian gas into Europe.

That has drawn strong criticism from the United States and some European states.

They argue it could make Europe too reliant on Russian supplies.

But other European governments say the link is vital to secure energy - especially with gas prices rising and the threat of power outages looming.

Nord Stream 2 said it had been notified by the regulator of its decision, but was in no position yet to comment on its details.

The Kremlin was not immediately available for comment.

European gas prices leapt 9% on news of the hold-up.

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