German homes get 'second skin' to help energy costs

STORY: This apartment is getting a ‘second skin’

to help with energy efficiency

Location: Bochum, Germany

The outer facade is made of wood

and cellulose for insulation

The project is from Berlin-based start-up Ecoworks

(Emanuel Heisenberg, Ecoworks CEO)

"We are seeing one of the first serial renovations in Germany. This is a building that has not been renovated for 50 or 60 years. And here we see elements of a wooden construction that are now being built like a second skin around these three structures, so that these buildings become CO2 neutral in a few weeks."

Landlords have recently started seeing

energy-saving renovations as essential

(Emanuel Heisenberg, Ecoworks CEO)

"In this property, about 70, 80 percent of the energy costs are saved compared to the horrendous energy costs we have now from the gas supply."

Buildings account for 35% of total

energy consumption in Germany