German court drops Mercedes climate case

STORY: A climate case against Mercedes-Benz was dropped by a German court Tuesday (September 13).

The lawsuit brought by a green NGO demanded the automaker stick to tighter emissions limits.

It also called on Mercedes-Benz to stop production of combustion-engined cars by November 2030.

The suit was based on a ruling from last year in Germany's top court, which found the country's climate law was not doing enough to protect future generations.

It was the first brought by individual citizens in Germany against a private company for allegedly worsening climate change.

Three directors from the NGO argued their rights as individuals to be protected from global warming were being harmed by Mercedes-Benz's impact on the planet.

The court in Stuttgart ruled there was not yet enough proof that the carmaker's production of combustion engines was impacting the rights of the plaintiffs.

But it did say this could change in future.

Mercedes-Benz said it welcomed the ruling.

The NGO said it planned to appeal against the decision.

It has also filed a similar lawsuit against BMW, with a court date due in November.