German baker creates syringe-shaped cakes

German baker 'sweetens' coronavirus vaccines

by shaping his cakes into syringes

Location: Dortmund, Germany

(SOUNDBITE) (German) TIM KORTUEM, BAKERY OWNER OF "SCHUERENER BACKPARADIES" (SCHUEREN BAKING PARADISE), SAYING:"First we were a bit sceptical whether that would be a bit too macabre. But then we did it after all. Because it is also a funny thing for anti-vaxxers. It is a vaccine without any side effect. And you can even come back to get another one because it is so yummy."

The marble cake with white fondant icing

is not Kortuem's first virus-themed creation

Last year, as people were panic buying household essentials

the bakery sold cakes shaped like toilet paper